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As lenders, you follow your local real estate markets closely. Certainly close enough to manage the relatively small amount of real estate loan workouts and OREO that you have had to deal with over the past 15 years.

But, as you know, the world has changed rather dramatically during the past year or so. Markets are no longer functioning normally. 1-4 family defaults continue to increase as unemployment rises and the economy remains in recession. Commercial real estate defaults are projected to reach $100 to $200 Billion. Government regulations related to loan modifications and foreclosures are changing almost daily. In today’s environment, it takes an experienced real estate professional to effectively manage, market and sell your real estate assets.

RMPI utilizes a team of real estate professionals that can allow the you to exercise all of your rights under the mortgage and applicable state and federal laws. Whether it is a foreclosure, Mortgagee-in-possession or a structure sale to a thirty party we have the experience to structure a deal that makes the most economic sense.

On multiple times in multiple states we have taken over construction projects and completed the construction with a combination of our experienced real estate team and experience local tradesman. The process has been approved and praised by regulators such as the FDIC and OTS.

Are good is to have you only advance funds that will maximize the value of the assets. Sometimes it is nothing more than cleaning and organizing while other times it is finishing the construction and have the streets accepted by the Town and the bonds release.

More than half of the properties that we have managed and sale out of OREO has been to direct buyers without a broker or with a less than half real estate commission.

Lastly, we have developed a proprietary OREO management process that all Bank regulators have reviewed and approved.

RMPI is a full service real estate loan workout and OREO management firm. We can:

  • Analyze a construction projects for appropriateness of future funding;
  • Take possession and complete residential and commercial construction projects;
  • Manage all OREO including sales without brokerage commissions for properties that include 1-4 family, Luxury Homes, Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality, Other;
  • Reducing the bank’s staffing and carrying costs related to OREO;
  • Improving the net proceeds (returns) from OREO;
  • Keeping the bank’s management team focused on core businesses, not OREO; and
  • Providing a detailed, well documented plan for the disposition of the bank’s OREO that can be used to gain the confidence of the bank’s regulators and board.

For examples of properties and projects that RMPI has managed, click here.