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Peter Vedova, CPA – Executive Director:

Peter Vedova

Peter Vedova, CPA is an experienced consultant in the areas of loan review, loan and credit policy, impairment analysis, ALLL methodology, regulatory oversight, and process improvement. He is the firm’s Loan Review Manager and has led all of RMPI’s loan review engagements.

In addition to reviewing ALLL methodology during these loan reviews, Mr. Vedova has installed new ALLL methodology and calculations for several clients during the past two years as well as implemented several revised loan policies.

Mr. Vedova began his bank consulting career at CCR LPP, a regional CPA firm throughout New England, as a team member of the Risk Management Consulting practice under the guidance of David Brown. In 2010 he joined RMPI’s Banking Practice full time and brought his accounting/consulting/auditing discipline with him. Mr. Vedova has been a licensed CPA of Massachusetts since 2009 and is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in process improvement. Mr. Vedova holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Haverford College and completed his accounting graduate work at the University of Virginia.