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Strategic Thought Leadership for Community Banks

Developing a comprehensive strategic plan is one of most important tasks an organization can undertake. Unfortunately, many of these plans are often created halfheartedly and ultimately end up as fixtures on the CEO’s desk. When effectively designed, strategic plan serves as a roadmap which confidently and efficiently guides the entire organization along the path to controlling risk, remaining compliant and achieving financial viability.
Focusing Resources

Every institution faces a unique set of competitive and operating challenges that affect its strategic planning process regardless of ownership structure, product offerings or customer focus. A 150-year-old savings bank has very different concerns than a multi-bank holding company, but focusing the board of directors and management on strategic considerations is vital to both types of businesses.

How Can RMPI Help?

In addition to our comprehensive suite of real estate management services, RMPI offers a full range of enterprise risk management, credit management, regulatory management, and advisory services customized for community banks and credit unions.

Our experienced team of financial services industry professionals supports our clients with annual or periodic planning programs, which are based on the unique needs, goals and objectives of each institution. Programs range from management and/or board planning retreat sessions to comprehensive strategic assessments. These programs help in the development of a dynamic, manageable and viable vision with clear objectives, strategies, financial goals and action plans.

Strategic Planning
  • Situation assessment and strategy development
  • Financial planning and modeling
  • Implementation planning
  • Mergers or acquisitions
  • IRS Code 280G calculation (Golden Parachute)
Due Diligence
  • Organizational structure
  • Credit quality assessment
  • Markets and branch assessments
  • Loan portfolio analysis
  • Owned real estate
  • Taxation and investments
  • Financial systems
  • Litigation risks reporting
  • Contracts
  • Preparation and assessment
  • Planning and development
  • Products, personnel, systems, facilities, procedures
De Novo Bank Services

We can advise on a single aspect or the entire start-up process:

  • Initial concept, market study & business plan
  • Capital planning and acquisition
  • Complete regulatory guidance
  • Application and securities registration

Experience the RMPI Difference

Our extensive knowledge and community bank experience make RMPI the right partner to help you implement a successful ALLL program.

RMPI Consulting provides process improvement, as well as regulatory, enterprise risk and credit management services to Community Banks across the credit life cycle. We also help clients with interim, outsourced staffing, and our thought leadership has defined industry “best practices” on a broad range of risk management services.

Recognizing there is no “one size fits all” solution for all Community Banks, we work with each client to develop an appropriate, custom solution to solve their specific problem at a reasonable cost in an efficient manner within a scheduled deadline. For more information, please call us or visit www.rmpiconsulting.com

Call us today and learn how our experienced team can assist your organization by enhancing the risk management process and creating innovative solutions to all your regulatory challenges.